votebollingerFor Montgomery City Council District 1  


During Richard's first term as City Councilman for District 1, he has had quite a few significant accomplishments!

There now considerbly more transparency to the City government and the citizens in District 1 are more completely informed on the issues that are affecting them.

Through very tenacious persistence in reducing spending and placing funds back into the City’ reserve the budget is much healthier. Before Richard took office the City had zero funds in the reserve. Today the City has approximately twenty million dollars in its reserve.

Each citizen is now safer by Richard's efforts to continuously work with the police department on finding solutions to reduce crime in the City.

Prior to Richard's arrival on the council, infrastructure in the districts received only $125,000 per year. After his first term, districts now receive in excess of $200,000 per year for infrastructure improvements, which is a 60% increase!

In a particular effort to beautify the City Richard has worked with a group start a very large Botanical Garden in Oak park through a public and private partnership. This effort is now helping to revitalize a part of the old and mostly vacant park.

Health and exercise activity are important parts of each citizen's life. Richard has coordinated with a to group build a five mile multi-purpose (bike, running and hiking) trail at Lagoon Park via a public and private partnership that will allow the City’s schools to have access to a cross country running tract.


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